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Production Management Software Ad Libitum for Multi-products production.
Increaseing Productivity by visualization


  @ tempo change your bakery into a bakery of profitable constitution. You can easily make a baking plan correspond to a sales peak by visualaization of @ tempo. @ tempo has an ingredient control function and worikshift planning function also. @ tempo can be used from a small owner bakery to .a big bakery chain.


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 Please Ask us about Production Manegement, Production Plan, Feel Free, We can make a Production Manegement Software optimized your factory not only for a food factory but also for other industries' factories. 

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 Technova Ad libitum is a production management software for the Process Production such as not only Bakeries (Bread) and Food Factories foods) but also many kinds of factores, which realize Factory Visualization and Process Visualization.. Multi- products production like bread has a complicated production steps mutually, it is difficult to make a practicable production scheduling. The purposes of a conventional production management only to meet the deadline of delivery and to avoid lack of products are passive. However in order to increase profit of production, Factory should be optimaize (managing efficiently). For that purpose, it is necessary to recognize the condition of factory. That is factory Visualization. When you use the ad libitum of Technova, you can grasp the important production conditions such as the condition of line operation, job volume, labor supply, consumption of ingredients, stock of products and ingredients and so on. You can make a rational production plan by optimization of controlling these conditions.
 Almost conventional softwares of production management purpose just calculating a requirement such as ingredients and inventory. There are a few software, which has a function of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) . However there are few software for food plants. The MES function of ad Libitum can connect between headquarter of production management and production site through LAN.

Improving the Productivity of Food Manufactureing
through Information Technology

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